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Life - what about it?
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A word about SJ:
He is a retired airline pilot who flew to many interesting destinations all over the world. Through his years of flying he developed a relationship with life and cultures from varying perspectives of human activity in diverse places on the planet.

At the prime of his successful career, he felt his life taking a turn towards spirituality to seek deeper meaning of his personal existence. His passion for spirituality further intensified after he survived a Near Death Experience.

His spiritual insights have taken a form of a book: The Power of Raw Thought - by Surinder J. Singh. The book is insightful, uplifting, and inspirational narrative that reveals remarkable insight into man's complex and deeply personal relationship with questions of existence and god. The author recounts fascinating and captivating personal stories that are part auto-ethnography, part philosophical musings about universal spirituality, and part testament to the boundless imagination of the human mind.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

by Surinder J. Singh
(ISBN# 978-1-4500-0689-7)

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THE POWER OF RAW THOUGHT - A Story of Spiritual Insights

The Power of Raw Thought
A Story of Spiritual Insights
Surinder J. Singh
List of contents
· A Note: God has no Gender
· 1. I Met a Monk
· 2. The Quest
· 3. The Monk—2nd time
· 4. Kabul
· 5. Infidel
· 6. Bombay
· 7. Santji
· 8. Déjà vu
· 9. Death
· 10. The Near Death Experience
· 11. The Event
· 12. Wake up
· 13. Back to the Monk
· 14. Who is ‘I am’?
· 15. The Stages of Consciousness
· 16. Why God Created the Life?
· 17. Sat-chit-anand
· 18. Is Guru a Prerequisite
· 19. The Tree and the Bird.
· Appendix
COMMENTS from the readers:
Tracy said...
Good afternoon Surinder,I just completed a couple chapters of your book and found them to be very thought provoking. I have recently started reading of Buddhism and was pleased that your book also spoke of it. I believe that some of the people we meet we do so for a reason, we may not know why at the time but we will know why in time. You have a very way of writing and expressing your self that is though provoking and spirit lifting at the same time. When I was done with the chapters I felt let conflicted, much more relaxed and at peace. You have included much food for thought. My 24 year old daughter and her boyfriend will be very interested in reading it as well. I will be ordering it as soon as possible and then will pass it on to my daughter. I very much enjoyed the read while taking the time to ponder over the questions you proposed. I look forward to reading the whole book and will be recommending it to several friends as I am sure they will love it.Well done my friend, well done.
January 17, 2010 3:37 PM
Jacob Nordby said...
this appears to be a book I would enjoy very much! mmmm.....thanks for showing it to me.namaste
February 2, 2010 2:56 PM
Reza said...
SJ,Just read tfirst few chapters of your fascinating spiritual journey. It has totally engrossing dialogues, views, discourses and commentaries laced with candidness, feeling and humour too. As a fellow pilot it resonated within me even more. Most importantly (for me personally) it raises many vital issues and questions of one's spirituality and 'good' beingness as against the cover of religion which is worn like a uniform.I look forward to purchasing this book asap and and also gifting one to my pilot son.Thank you for sharing your thoughts and consciousness of one's role in the universe.M.Reza
December 8, 2009 7:12:00 AM EST
Anonymous said...
Very real, very well written. Thanks.
January 14, 2010 5:33:00 PM EST
Customer Review by Amelia JA at Barnes & Noble...
Singh's first book is a modest but surprisingly remarkable insight into a man's complex and deeply personal relationship with questions of existence and god. Recounting fascinating and captivating personal stories which speak to his own moments of spiritual transcendence, this book is part auto-ethnography, part philosophical musings about Eastern and universal spirituality, and part testament to the boundless imagination of the human mind. This book is for anyone and everyone. Its message is simple and beautiful and present through out the entire length of the narrative-- that spiritual transcendence need not come as a result of some sort of extreme action or moment. Rather, the way in which one lives thier life, or at the very least, the way in which percieves life, is the key to being at peace.
February 1, 2010 10:08 AM
(Amelia posted the above comments at Barnes and Noble web site ( where the book is available for buying on line)
Yadav said...
Dear Capt Surinder, I chanced upon the link of your book preview on the FB of an airline colleague.It was a coincidence and it was a good way to start my day.Your simple narrative style of a complex subject like spirituality is praiseworthy. Congratulations! I for sure would like to buy your book and also recommend the link to my like minded friends.I wish you success and good luck!I am sure this book will help to spread the smile and help people like me know themselves better by looking inward.Capt NP Yadav, Etihad Airways
January 19, 2010 8:10 AM
Customer Review by Anonymous at Barnes & Noble...
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(Anonymous posted the above comments at Barnes & Noble ( where the book is available for buying on line)
Maitreyi said...
31 March 2010
Dear Capt. Singh,
Last night I read three stories from your book, "Infidel" , "Bombay" and " Santji". I liked all of them , particularly, " Bombay". The " Infidel" is very funny and painful. I laughed at it all by myself.The book is very pleasently readable. I loved it. Waiting to read more. Congratulation.
Customer Review by Phyllis Hunsinger at Amazon. com
After a near death experience brought on by a cardiac arrest, Surinder J. Singh, an airline captain flying out of New Delhi, India, begins a spiritual quest. Raised by a Buddhist father and a Vedanta mother, his spiritual leanings appear to be somewhat eclectic. His friendship with a Monk while in Srinagar caused Singh to write, "my soul had recognized the chance meeting with a Monk as an answer to my prayers for guidance - he was God sent."

The book delves into elements of spirituality, examining life, death, and purpose of life that often seemed above my head. Singh poses many thought-provoking questions, one of which was "do you get joy by merely seeking joy?" The Monk told him, "the origin of raw thought is a field of joy. God is present there as a power, not as a person."
The title of Singh's book is right on; there's a lot of raw thought included and some of it seemed powerful to me.
Phyllis Hunsinger